Kansas City Fashion Week Spring 2014


Very recently I went to attend and photograph at Kansas City Fashion Week in Kansas City, Missouri. This year the showings were held at Union Station.  I've always been interested in fashion photography and runways, so I tried to get my foot in the door by attending KCFW for the showing of the Spring Collection.  I went to the Saturday afternoon show on the 15th of March.  

I had a fantastic time and met so many other great photographers there as well.  Not only did I have fun there, I also go to do some networking.  I even had one of the fellow photographers take a {selfie} as she put it.

In this blog post today, I'm going to give you all a sneak peek into the show featuring the following designers:  L.O.D., Oblivion Clothing Design, Elle Inspired, Little Shell Design, Andrea Marie Long Design, Sarah Kahrs, American Prep Clothing Co., and Ola Style.

Designer:  L.O.D.
Hair & Makeup:

Collection incorporated many greens and yellows that resemble a tropical appeal.  Designs ranged from dresses to skirts to everyday looks.  Overall a successful collection in my opinion.

Designer:  Oblivion Clothing Design
Hair & Makeup:

I also enjoyed this collection for its mixture of classical attire with a modern, edgy vibe.

Designer: Elle Inspired
Hair & Makeup:

This collection by Elle Inspired focused on the status of looking sophisticated with a soft feminine touch.

Designer: Little Shell Designs
Hair & Makeup:

This collection by Little Shell Designs features spring trends such as pastels and appealing work attires.


Designer:  American Prep Clothing Co.
Hair & Makeup:

This collection for KCFW included a variety of clothing for both men and women to give any person their aspired look.


Designer:  Sarah Kahrs
Hair & Makeup:

This collection by Sarah Kahrs was one of my personal favorites during this show.  The fashion designs demonstrated intensity in the dark colors as well as enforcing a sexy, feminine shape and style.

Designer:  Ola Style
Hair & Makeup:

This collection by Ola Style brought about many designs for dresses ranging from formal to prom-worthy.

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